We live in a modern world where electricity is part of everyday life. Sadly, electrocution claims the lives of 400 people each year in the US.

Homeowners and electrical hazards don’t mix, which is why you need to hire a professional electrician. 

When you hire a pro, you save yourself time, money, and headaches when it comes to electricity. Some electrical projects require time and expertise. If you miss a step, you could end up in a financial disaster. 

Save your wallet. Don’t risk hurting yourself by getting exposed to electrical hazards. Here are some important reasons why you should leave it to the professionals.

1. Electrocution

Handling electricity isn’t the same as changing a lightbulb. Dealing with electrical wiring is far more dangerous than burning your hand on a hot bulb. 

More than 50 volts of electricity passing through the body can be fatal. The average home has 10 times that amount passing through outlets and appliances. 

If you dismantle an outlet or light switch the wrong way, you risk electrocution. 

2. Fire Hazards

Electricity causes fires. It’s dangerous work. When you attempt to handle electrical work on your own, you risk starting a fire.

Bad wiring jobs are often the culprit of a lot of fires. 

Crossing wires the wrong way or miswiring home appliances creates fire sparks. Those sparks may start small or cause something more dangerous to ignite, engulfing your home in flames.  

3. DIY Seems Cheaper, but It’s Not

The DIY route works and saves money for a lot of home projects. An electrical job isn’t one of those projects.

If you break a light bulb or put a faucet on the wrong way, that’s an easy fix. You can buy a replacement light bulb for as little as $.99 cents. To fix the faucet requires time. 

When you mess up an electrical job, fixing it could cost you thousands. You may have to hire a professional to fix what you messed up, adding to the costs.  

4. You Could Fail Inspection

Every state has National Electrical Code (NEC) regulations. These regulations govern the installation of certain electrical jobs. 

If you DIY an electrical job, there’s a great chance it’s not up to code. You could face a fine of up to $5000, depending on rules in your state. 

5. Your Insurance Company Many Not Cover Oopsies

If you accidentally burn down the house, make sure you have money in savings. A faulty electrical job counts as negligence. Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover negligence.

Homeowner’s insurance covers accidents beyond your control. If your negligent actions lead to damage to your home, you bear the financial responsibility. In some cases of negligence, the insurance company may cancel your policy

Leave Electrical Hazards to the Pros

Electrical hazards aren’t only expensive, they’re dangerous. Contact a professional before you attempt an electrical DIY project.

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