Lighting including Interior/Exterior lights and LED Lighting:

Interior and exterior lighting is actually required by The National Electric Code for certain areas in your home.  In older homes, there may not be lighting outlets in some areas that you would think should have one.?  The older “Ranch Style” used ‘half switched’ wall receptacles in your bedrooms and family areas.  Table lamps were the popular way to light up your home.  Today, we have lighting outlets in every corner inside and out.  Exterior lighting is not only used to light up trip and fall obstacles for you and your guests, but they also have a dual purpose for your family’s security, we can add motion detectors or ‘dusk to dawn’ photo-cell controls for your family’s peace of mind.   We can help you add new lighting outlets or change old outlets into a new recess style lighting system.  This would also be a great time to upgrade your old fixtures to the newer LED style and we can add exterior receptacles into your perimeter soffits for next year’s Holiday season lights.

LED lighting has changed and evolved by leaps and bounds with-in just the last 25 years.

New LED technology has changed the way we light our homes.  The old style of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs that were popular for over 100 years; may soon be a memory.  This is a great time to up-grade to a newer technology that has more versatility to change color spectrums as well as degrees of brightness.  LED style fixtures may last you up to 5 years and could reduce your energy costs.    Lighting fixtures are most definitely a personal choice and reflects ‘your’ personality.  We can help you make the change from the old to the new!

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