5 Signs You Should Call An Electrician Service Immediately

Your electricity is the most commonly used system within your home. It is responsible for keeping your lights running, your television on, and all your appliances doing their job. When it's working as it should, it is often overlooked but when there is an issue, you can find yourself in a dangerous situation. While many [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Installing Home Automation Technology?

Do you want to control your oven, lights, blinds, and thermostat all on one handheld device? Well, you're in luck. By 2025, it's expected that over 481.9 million homes worldwide will be equipped with smart technology.  Home automation technology or "smart home technology" allows you to control every facet of your home through the internet. [...]

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Debunking the Most Common Professional Electrician Myths

Did you know that there are 51,000 electrical fires in the United States every year? These account for 500 deaths and more than $1.3 billion in property damage. It is one of the main reasons that, when you are hiring a professional electrician, you need one that is licensed and insured. Unfortunately, there is a [...]

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GFCI Basics: A Homeowner’s Guide to Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Across the United States, many families lose loved ones due to electrical accidents.  These accidents are not incidences that people think about possibly happening in their homes. Unfortunately, these accidents do occur in many people's homes. Some of them take place because of outlets not working properly. You may be wondering how you can keep [...]

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5 Reasons DIY Electrical Installations Are Dangerous

Do-it-yourself projects around the house are great. Not only can they keep you busy in a healthy and creative way, but they can also save you money and add serious value to your home. When they're done correctly, that is. But there are certain DIY tasks that no homeowner should attempt without at least a [...]

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How to Fix Flickering Lights in Your Home

Do you unintentionally have strobe lights in your home? Do you want to learn how to stop lights from flickering and how to fix them when it does happen? Light problems and electrical issues are common homeowner problems, but they don't have to be problematic to fix. There can be simple fixes you can do [...]

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How Long Do LED Lights Last on Average?

Want a simple way to save around $1,000 on your energy bill over the next ten years? By switching to LED lights, you can do just that. LEDs offer energy efficiency, cost savings, and a safe energy source for your home. But you might be wondering “how long do LED lights last?” There’s good news [...]

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LED vs CFL Bulbs: Which Should You Choose?

You bought a new lamp for your house and need a light bulb for it. According to Payless Power, lighting your home impacts a fourth of your total electric bills. What types of light bulbs are the most efficient? There are several factors, such as brightness, life span, and cost, to consider. Let's compare LED [...]

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A Bright Idea!: 12 Tips on How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

While you probably don't want your electric bill to go up, are you doing anything to help it go down? Getting a better bang for your buck isn't as hard as you think, and we've got a list of tricks that can help you cut electric costs at home. If you want to learn how to [...]

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4 Tips For Switching to LED Lighting

Although most households use a mixture of different types of bulbs, more and more Americans are making the switch to LED lighting options specifically.  LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, is an efficient lighting option that produces less heat and uses less energy.  Are you considering getting LED lights for your home? It can be [...]

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