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Top 4 Electrical Maintenance Tips for Your Home

The DIY market is quickly headed toward becoming a $14 billion industry, but it's not without its problems. As people try to take on bigger and bigger projects they put themselves and their family at risk for injury. If you try to take on more than basic electrical maintenance issues on your own, you're putting [...]

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How to Find the Best Electrician in Your Area

With more than 11,000 electricians in the metroplex and more than 220 electricians in the Denton county area, it's hard to know if you've picked the best electrician for a job. Hiring a residential electrician to work in your home can also be nerve-wracking because you want to pick a company or contractor that will prioritize your [...]

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4 Most Common Electrical Problems Around the Home

Electrical issues cause more than 50,000 home fires a year, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Around 500 people die each year in electrical fires. More than 1,400 people sustain injuries.  Electrical problems can be dangerous and inconvenient even without a fire. Problems with your electrical wires should not get dismissed.  It can be [...]

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Smoke Detectors and Home Safety

Smoke detectors are a vital part of your home and family’s safety. It is a good idea to test them at least once per year. Standard smoke detectors are hard wired in with a battery backup so they operate even if there is a loss of power. The new smoke detectors have a battery that [...]

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Trouble-Shooting a Light Switch

A light switch may not work for many reasons: Loose connection, crossed wires, broken wire, tripped breaker, or it may have just gone bad and gave up. There are a lot of possible reasons. If everything else works but that switch, it could be the switch itself. Start with the simple first. If the switch is allowing [...]

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Save Energy, Money and the Environment with LED Lighting

If you replace just one 60w incandescent bulb with an 8w LED bulb, you are using 75% less power.  JUST ONE BULB.  Imagine how much energy you will save if you replaced all your bulbs with LEDs. Want an added bonus?  Certain manufacturers offer up to a 5 year warranty. We retro-fit homes and businesses [...]

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