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Smoke Detectors and Home Safety

Smoke detectors are a vital part of your home and family’s safety. It is a good idea to test them at least once per year. Standard smoke detectors are hard wired in with a battery backup so they operate even if there is a loss of power. The new smoke detectors have a battery that [...]

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Trouble-Shooting a Light Switch

A light switch may not work for many reasons: Loose connection, crossed wires, broken wire, tripped breaker, or it may have just gone bad and gave up. There are a lot of possible reasons. If everything else works but that switch, it could be the switch itself. Start with the simple first. If the switch is allowing [...]

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Save Energy, Money and the Environment with LED Lighting

If you replace just one 60w incandescent bulb with an 8w LED bulb, you are using 75% less power.  JUST ONE BULB.  Imagine how much energy you will save if you replaced all your bulbs with LEDs. Want an added bonus?  Certain manufacturers offer up to a 5 year warranty. We retro-fit homes and businesses [...]

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