Debunking the Most Common Professional Electrician Myths

Did you know that there are 51,000 electrical fires in the United States every year? These account for 500 deaths and more than $1.3 billion in property damage. It is one of the main reasons that, when you are hiring a professional electrician, you need one that is licensed and insured. Unfortunately, there is a [...]

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GFCI Basics: A Homeowner’s Guide to Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Across the United States, many families lose loved ones due to electrical accidents.  These accidents are not incidences that people think about possibly happening in their homes. Unfortunately, these accidents do occur in many people's homes. Some of them take place because of outlets not working properly. You may be wondering how you can keep [...]

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5 Reasons DIY Electrical Installations Are Dangerous

Do-it-yourself projects around the house are great. Not only can they keep you busy in a healthy and creative way, but they can also save you money and add serious value to your home. When they're done correctly, that is. But there are certain DIY tasks that no homeowner should attempt without at least a [...]

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Signs of Electrical Wiring Safety Issues in Your Home

Faulty electrical wiring in your home can be dangerous. Often, these electrical problems exist and you may not be aware of them. There are warning signs that will tell you whether your home has an electrical problem. However, you must know what they are in order to accurately pinpoint them and get help.  Here are [...]

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How To Protect Electrical Wiring From Rodents

Is there something living in your walls? Despite having all of nature to run around in, rats, mice, and other rodents seem to want nothing more than to break into our homes and make messes. And while finding mouse droppings in your pantry is not exactly fun, it's nothing compared to a rat-induced electrical blackout. [...]

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How to Find an Electrician

In 2019, eight percent of electrical injuries were fatal. Around 30% of those injuries happened at a private residence. That's why it's never a good idea to try solving electrical issues yourself. Many homeowners prefer to fix electrical work themselves, but that isn't always possible. Sometimes, you have to buckle down and hire a professional. [...]

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Tips for Electrical Safety at Home

Electrical malfunctions, between 2012-2016, were the second leading cause of home fires. Electrical safety at home is often taken for granted. After all, we use a variety of phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, vacuum cleaners, lamps and lights, electric stoves and ovens, and more. We're surrounded by electrical appliances and wiring. The same report from [...]

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