Phone Jacks:

Phone jacks, also known as Data jacks, were only installed in one or two points with-in your home.  Today’s communication needs have grown at a staggering rate.  Your family’s needs may require added jacks in more rooms and may need an upgrade to a cable known as CAT 6.  Most Phone and Cable providers may not do interior wiring and only work up to the main point of entrance.  When the time comes for that Data cable addition; we can install the proper cabling that your provider demands…

Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans also known as paddle fans, have been around since Roman times.  The first motorized fan was invented by Philip Diehl in 1882 by using a motor from a Singer Sewing machine.  They originally operated by water wheels and belt drives and considered to be the first form if air conditioning. When used in reverse at low speed during the winter and high speed during the summer; they can aid your HVAC system work more efficiently which can possibly reduce your energy costs.  They come in all sizes, colors, styles, and prices.  They can also have smart switches installed to work with your Wi-Fi system. So, when you have made your selection; we can install or replace your old fan or standard light fixture with your new paddle fan and show you how to use it to fit your individual needs.


Lighting switches are the most commonly used electrical items in your home.  We use them multiple times in a day.  They come in all types and styles.  But most switches have a very simple action and can wear out or just simply fail to function.  Standard light switches are pretty easy to replace but can be intimidating to some and may require a technician to help you.  When you find yourself with a bad switch, this would be a great time to up-grade to a dimmer switch or may-be a smart switch to work with your Wi-Fi system.  Changing colors might also be an option.  Specialty switches may require a little research to find the right color and function to fit your needs.  Just call and one of our technicians can try to help you with a solution.

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