Are you experiencing flickering lights or a constantly overloaded circuit breaker? With an average of 44,880 home fires involving some kind of electrical failure or malfunction each year, getting on top of common electrical problems could be more important than you think.

Whether it’s the circuit breaker getting overloaded or dead outlets popping up around your home, some electrical issues might have a simple solution, or they may require some professional guidance.

Circuit Breaker Tripping

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, chances are there is something wrong with the flow of current. Circuit breakers are designed to shut off power to your home when the demanded load of energy grows too high.

To fix these electrical issues, find the main electrical panel in your home and look for the switch panel that has its switch turned off. You just need to flip the switch back on, and this should sort out one of the most common problems. If the problem persists, however, you may have to call an electrician.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Continuously flickering or dimming lights can seem like one of those simple problems to deal with. The truth is, it can be distracting, waste your electricity, and also be a sign of serious issues in your home.

Some of the reasons lights flicker, and dim are:

  • Power grid issues
  • Improper or outdated wiring
  • Overloaded circuit

Most of these electrical problems require simple solutions, but if you’re not able to pinpoint the main source of the problem, it might be time to bring in a professional.

Warm Outlets or Switches

Dimming switches aside, warm outlets are actually a serious safety concern. Your electrical outlet should be room temperature, especially if there’s nothing plugged into it.

One simple check is if you have too many things plugged into the outlet. If you reduce the load on the outlet, but it’s still warm to the touch, then there may be a bigger issue at play. Also, look out for any outlets that are worn, broken, or cracked, which are conditions that can compromise the function.

Dead Outlets

If you have outlets in the home that have stopped working altogether, it usually means that at some point, they have either burned out or been victim to faulty wiring. This can be just one or both plugs in a single outlet.

One of the biggest risks with a dead outlet is if you try to use a plug or attempt to force it to work, you could spark a fire and cause damage to your home. Having many dead outlets can also be overloading your other outlets by putting additional strain to overcompensate.

Electrical Problems Can Be an Easy Fix

While some of these electrical problems might seem like a big job is required, more often than not, a qualified electrician can get it resolved in one visit. Troubleshooting electrical issues and coming up with simple solutions is what White Electric does best.

Contact us today to chat about what’s going on in your home, and we can provide a free quote and schedule a visit.