We’ve all had this problem: you get home late at night one evening and inevitably end up hurting yourself or knocking something over because you were trying to navigate in the dark.

There must be a better way. There just must be.

And there is! No longer do you have to do your best impression of a cat when you’re out in your front or back yard. No longer do you have to settle for the dimly lit lighting fixture outside your door, if you even remembered to turn it on, that is.

Fear not, because LED flood lights are one of the best ways to illuminate your yard!

Flood lights? What is a flood light? What are flood lights used for?

Here, learn all about flood lights, and 5 great reasons this would be a perfect way to improve your home value, security, and efficiency.

What Is A Flood Light?

A flood light, or more specifically an LED flood light, is a big, bright white light that gives off a very wide swath of light. These types of lights can often be found in front or backyards of homes, playgrounds and parks, and stadiums.

Here are some reasons they would make an excellent addition to the outside of your home.

1. They’re Efficient!

That’s right. LED lights are crazy efficient, getting rid of the hassle of constantly changing out bulbs.

They also use very low amounts of electricity; in fact, some say up to 75% less than conventional bulbs.

2. Simple & Effective Home Security

Having flood lights is a fantastic way to put an added security measure on your home.

If you have motion-activated flood lights (which are great if you always forget to turn the light on!), any potential intruder would almost certainly be spooked off by your entire front or back yard being covered in bright, transparent light.

3. Safety

It is so important to have safety in mind whenever talking home electric. LED flood lights are known for their safety! They do not radiate heat in how conventional lighting does, reducing the potential for fires.

These lights do not have a filament that is highly breakable, making them far more durable an option.

4. Bright Light

LED flood lights are known for their bright light reminiscent of natural sunshine. This makes this kind of lighting ideal for those who wish to work, hold events or gatherings, or play sports with the kids.

With these lights, it’s truly as though you are turning the sun on and off!

5. Works in Tough Conditions

LED flood lighting works in unbearable heat, unfathomable cold, and every weather condition in between. They are superior to traditional lighting.

This is yet another reason the longevity of these lights is so high.

Electric Job? We Can Help You

What is a flood light? Well, it’s everything you’ve been missing in your front or back yard. Flood lighting can turn any dark yard into a 24/7 workspace, play space, or anything in between.

Do you need flood lighting in your home? Give us a shout and we can help you with flood lighting and all your electric service needs.