About 6.8% of all home fires are due to an electrical malfunction.

While cooking takes a massive lead at 50.2% for being the cause of home fires, electrical malfunction is still the fourth highest-ranking cause on the U.S. Fire Administration’s list. A circuit breaker box is meant to run quietly. So, if you notice any breaker box buzzing or humming, this could be cause for concern.

There could be several causes behind your circuit breaker loud buzzing. To help you figure out what your next steps should be, let’s take a look at some of the most common causes behind circuit breaker buzzing sounds.

Tripping Issues

If the breaker buzzes then trips, this could be due to the circuit breaker overloading or overheating. To protect the electrical system, the circuit breaker “trips”, meaning it shuts down.

The cause behind this can be due to several factors depending on the age and design of your home. For example, an older home tends to have an older electrical system that can struggle to deal with the increased energy needs of modern life. If you live in an older home from the mid to late 1900s, look into getting an electrical upgrade as this should solve the problem.

Loose or Damaged Wire

An alternating current connects with the circuit breaker. The energy created by the alternating current causes the circuit box to vibrate. This vibration can lead to a component or wire shaking loose inside the box.

Check to see if you can see any visible signs of a detached wire. You should also look to see if you noticed any damaged wires between the breaker and the power source. Either of these can lead to buzzing and even sparks.

Be sure to practice caution. A loose connection is as dangerous as it is loud. 

Each year, around 400 people suffer electrocution at home. On average, about four people die each week from at-home electrocution. To avoid becoming a part of this statistic, you should always let a professional handle any necessary circuit breaker repairs.

Faulty Breaker

Over time, a circuit breaker undergoes wear and tear. Wires can suffer damage or a component within the breaker break.

If you notice the breaker box making loud buzzing or clicking sounds, sparking of any kind, and the breaker isn’t tripping, call an expert. You will want to replace the breaker fast, as this can cause an electrical fire hazard.

Breaker Box Buzzing Should Never Be Ignored

If you notice any loud breaker box buzzing, always consult with a professional. As you can see, there can be many causes behind the electrical buzzing. Sometimes, there’s no cause for concern with your circuit breaker making a loud humming noise. Other times, it could lead to a disastrous home fire.

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