Are you aware that Americans are spending nearly $350 monthly on utilities? If you’re looking for ways to trim costs and gain better control of your lighting and home systems, it may be time for an upgrade. Turning to smart lighting systems can let you make adjustments to your home’s systems no matter where you are. 

Read on to learn why you should switch to smart switches for your home!

Gain Better Light Control

When you’re reading a book, you’ll need a different level of intensity than you would to watch television. With smart lighting systems, you can get the right lighting ambiance for your needs. You can even program a switch to slowly dim the lights as you approach bedtime, setting the stage for a perfect night of sleep!

Before you go to bed, you normally might turn off all the lights. But if you’re traveling, you might want to leave your lights on or turn them on as you approach your home. 

If you can access a WiFi connection, you can use your phone to turn on your lights at home no matter where you are. This provides a layer of security and peace of mind when you’re away.

Choose from Several Kinds of Smart Switches

When you’re investigating options, be aware that there are different kinds of smart switches. This means you can find a configuration or aesthetic that works for your home!

For instance, you can use an app on your phone to interact with a hub-based smart switch in your home. With this option, you can control the lights, temperature, or tv from different parts of your home using the app.

With a standalone version of a smart switch, you won’t need to rely on your WiFi network for connectivity. You will use a phone app and have one switch that controls all appliances or lights. 

Adjust More Than Lights 


Yes, you can use smart switches to adjust the warmth or coolness of smart bulbs in your rooms. But consider installing smart switches that integrate with other components of your home, too. In other words, you don’t need to just control lights with smart switches. 

You can program a smart switch to be an alarm that helps you wake up in the morning and connect it to other smart appliances. Or you can connect smart switches to some home alarm systems. You even can use them to trigger the air conditioning so the temperature is more comfortable when you get home from work. 

Know the Benefits of Smart Light Switches 

Investing in smart switches offers a relatively cheap way to get more light control in your home. You can adjust your light settings to suit the mood and create a brighter and more secure space when you’re away. And with so many switch configurations, you can use smart switches to control anything from lights to your thermostat to save money. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your electrical switches, contact us so we can help!