Are you sick of having a dark and unwelcoming building at night?

If so, it’s time to light up the night with exterior LED lighting!

Recently, LED lighting has burst into life. In 2021, around 50 percent of the buildings sector lighting market used them. And that number is predicted to grow in the upcoming years.

There are plenty of other exterior lighting systems. So why do so many people choose to use LED?

Well, continue reading to find out the top 5 benefits of exterior LED lighting!

1. They’re Eco Friendly

Between commercial and residential usage, around 219 billion kWh of energy gets used. And that’s only in 1 year, in the US alone!

But the good news is more people are switching to eco-friendly lighting than ever before. And you can help too!

There have been many studies done on the environmental impacts of LED lighting. It shows that the manufacturing and transport of the lights have a low carbon footprint. When compared to incandescent bulbs and other popular lights.

LED lights don’t contain mercury. But many other lights do. This means they need special handling to be disposed of, adding to their carbon footprint.

2. The Long Lifespan

An incandescent light bulb has an expected lifespan of 750-2000 hours. And LED lightbulbs are expected to last 40,000-50,00 hours.

They are the most durable lights on the market. Another reason why they’re so environmentally friendly.

The reason why LED lights have such a long lifespan is that they serve on a low voltage. And because they have to work less, they live for longer.

3. They Can Generate Bright Lights

LED lights might operate on a low voltage, but they don’t lose any quality. They can produce more light than any bulb with the same wattage.

Incandescent bulbs produce 450 Lumens. CFL bulbs produce 2000 lumens, and LEDs produce 4000 lumens.

Warm bulbs create a warm and cozy feel in bedrooms and living rooms. But for optimum results in the outdoors, you need lights as bright as possible. Street lights, walkways, and recreational areas are all lit by LED exterior lighting.

4. LED Safety Features

When you’re trying to decide what product to buy, safety should always be at the top of your list!

Incandescent and halogen bulbs reach high temperatures. And if you changed a lightbulb before, you know just how hot they can get! But LED lights don’t produce any heat, which is safer for you and anyone else that walks past your building.

LED lights also don’t omit any ultraviolet rays. Which is better for your skin and also doesn’t cause photos or posters to lose color or fade away.

5. They Work in Cold Weather

Do you ever wonder why your phone battery drains itself very quickly when you leave your home?

Well, it’s because most electrics have to work extra hard in colder temperatures. And it’s no different with lights.

Outside LED lighting works just as well in colder conditions. And that is why you can always find them in fridges and the outdoors.

Get Exterior LED Lighting

There are a lot of different bulbs on the market. But there’s no competition when it comes to what lights are best for the outdoors.

Now you know the benefits of exterior LED lighting. So it’s time to start shopping for LED lights that are perfect for you!

You can start your search here, by contacting us today. And we’ll be more than happy to give you professional advice or assist you in any way possible!