Imagine waking up and telling your Wi-Fi-connected speaker to turn on the lights and put your favorite news show on. It’s not the Jetsons – it’s the smart-home reality where the future is now!

From increased energy efficiency to better security, home automation systems make life easier. The latest statistics show over 40 million homes have smart speakers. In almost 18 million homes, smart speakers control at least one home setting, such as the temperature. 

What is home automation and what can it do for you? Read our brief overview to learn more about some cool smart home features. 

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home with everyday appliances connected to the IoT (the Internet of Things). The connection is through Wi-Fi and a mobile app or voice-activated assistant, such as a smart speaker.  

Smart speakers control many different types of devices but they’re not smart home hubs. A good smart home hub connects to more than Wi-Fi. It also connects to Bluetooth, Z-Wave protocols, and Zigbee.

What are those?


Bluetooth is the technology that connects your cellphone to your car’s sound system. It also connects your earbuds to your phone. 

You also use Bluetooth for hand-free headsets, keyboards, a computer mouse, and printers. 


Zigbee is a secure option for smart home technology because its networks use symmetric encryption. It also uses less power and is cheaper than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

Zigbee creates its networks through digital radios. 


This is another communications protocol that connects devices with the app and with each other through radio waves. Z-Wave is a popular connectivity option that supports over 25,000 products. 

What Is Home Automation?

Once you set up your smart home wiring, hub, and apps, it’s time to set up your home automation systems. One of the main things that makes your home a smart home, is the ability to set it and forget it. 

Using a bunch of different apps all day to keep your home running smoothly is more of a hassle than a help. That’s part of the beauty of smart home automation. There are lots of cool features you can install and schedule.

Smart home appliances connect to your app and then you set up your home so it works best for you. Program your smart thermostat to turn on and off on your schedule. Use your app to check on the kids from your security system or see who’s at the front door, even if you’re not there. 

A smart refrigerator keeps track of your groceries, even telling you if items are about to expire! Can’t remember if you’re out of milk but you’re already at the store? Your smart refrigerator keeps track of what’s inside in real-time. 

Set Up Home Automation Systems Today!

Are you ready for your own home automation system? It starts with the smart home wiring. Then, once you’ve got your smart appliances and apps, you’re ready to automate your home. 

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