electrical installation services

Electrical failures and issues are the second leading cause of electrical home fires. Electrical issues are part of owning a home. But, when it comes to fixing electrical problems, if you don’t take care of the problem quickly, it can escalate.

It’s usually best to leave any electrical issues to professionals, as DIYing electrical issues might cause more problems than you initially had. So, keep reading to find out more about five questions you should ask before hiring electrical installation services.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

This should always be the first question you ask when you’re planning on hiring an electrician. Most states require electricians to be licensed and insured, but it’s your responsibility to ensure the electrician you pick has these important documents.

The licensing requirements will depend on the state you’re in and the job you need done. It’s possible that your electrician might require multiple licenses to complete your job.

You also want to make sure your electrician is insured to protect yourself and your home in case something goes wrong.

2. What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

Just because an electrician is licensed doesn’t mean they have experience with your specific problem. Your issue might be extremely complex and better suited to a more experienced electrician.

By asking about their experience, you’ll also get a better feel of them and their work style. You should trust your instincts; if something feels off, consider asking more questions before signing the contract.

3. Can You Provide References?

You’ll have read various online reviews by this point, but references that you can contact will be your best screening option. You’ll be able to discuss the work the electrician did and if the reference was happy with every aspect of the job they did.

While online reviews might be enough to make a decision on, you’ll feel more confident about your decision if you can actually talk to a reference instead of just reading about it.

4. What Does Your Estimate Include?

The last thing you might be thinking of when dealing with an electrical issue is your budget, but if you don’t ask about the estimate, you might be blindsided later on.

5. Do I need a permit?

Some electrical work requires a permit before the work can start. You need to find out if your electrical work needs a permit and who will be responsible for obtaining it. If your electrician offers to obtain the permit for you, then you can rest easy knowing it will be taken care of.

Electrical Installation Services Made Easy

Hiring electrical installation services can be tricky if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Knowing which questions to ask to help you pick the right professional electrician for your needs can help lessen the burden. Hiring an electrician can be quick and easy if you use these questions to guide you.

If you’re looking for a licensed, insured and highly trained electrician, feel free to contact us today! White Electric provides electrical services in North Dallas, Denton County, and surrounding areas.