Do you unintentionally have strobe lights in your home?

Do you want to learn how to stop lights from flickering and how to fix them when it does happen?

Light problems and electrical issues are common homeowner problems, but they don’t have to be problematic to fix. There can be simple fixes you can do right now or larger repairs that can still be hassle-free.

Whatever the cause, it is important to address it to prevent serious electrical hazards. Read on to learn more about how to fix flickering lights.

Troubleshoot Light Bulb Problems

If you want to prevent flickering lights, the first thing to address is the lightbulb itself.

Certain light bulb types are sensitive to temperature extremes or have shorter usage times that can lead to flickering. When purchasing a light bulb, make sure it is compatible with its intended use, especially for dimmable units. Be sure to use the right bulb, such as incandescent or dimmable LED bulbs, that are appropriate for your dimmer switch.

You can also stop flickering lights by checking if the bulb is loose and adjusting it to fit. This may also require installing a new socket or fixture for it to work properly. Make sure the power is off when adjusting any lighting.

Investigate Common and Exterior Causes

If replacing or addressing the bulb doesn’t solve your light problems, there may be other areas inside or outside your home to inspect.

Household appliances that use heavy amounts of electricity may also cause flickering. These appliances can include air conditioners, refrigerators, or anything that needs a lot of power. To fix this, you can use separate circuits for appliances or use bulbs with lower wattages.

Another area to investigate for light problems is your own neighborhood. Other houses that use the same transformer as you may be using too much electricity. This can cause electrical issues in your home that are beyond your control.

Natural disasters, storms, or physical damage to power lines can also cause flickering lights. Contacting your local energy provider or neighbors can help you learn how to fix flickering lights in your home.

Consult a Professional for Electrical Issues

If you still don’t know how to stop flickering lights in your home, then it might be time to seek the help of professional electrical services.

Electricians can safely fix more complicated issues such as wire or fuse malfunctions. Professionals can also service circuit issues, meter base problems, or electrical panel issues.

It is important to consult a professional since electrical failures can cause fires. These types of fires are deadly and lead to about $1.3 billion in annual damages.

How to Fix Flickering Lights

To stop or prevent flickering lights, follow these simple steps to identify and fix the problem. Oftentimes the solution is simple, but electricians can also help to ensure that your electrical issues don’t turn into a hazard.

If you’re still wondering how to fix flickering lights in your house, contact us today!