Did you know that the three largest categories of electricity consumption include air conditioning at 17%, space heating at 15%, and water heating at 14%? We use electricity in almost every area or room in our house, whether it’s a lamp or the AC, it’s everywhere

Electricity and our appliances come with issues that arise and will need to be fixed to prevent further damage. Keep reading and we will guide you through the five common household electrical problems and how to fix them.

1. Faulty Light Switch

Lighting issues are the first common electrical problems in your home. You may walk in and try to flip your light switch and the doesn’t turn on.

This shouldn’t be cause for too much concern because it could be defective parts, the age of the light switch, your light bulbs needing to be switched, or a mistake when installing.

You can check the light bulb by trying it in another spot where the switch is working and you can check to see if your circuit breaker is on.

2. Loose Outlet Plug

Over time, an electrical outlet will see hundreds of plugs being inserted and taken out. It can become worn or loose and the best way to fix it is by unscrewing the cover plate and adding in an outlet shim or cover.

This will tighten up the outlet and you will feel it when you plug something in. You can check for this yourself and will find that there is little danger compared to the other electrical issues.

3. Short Circuit

Blowdryers or powerful vacuums can cause a short circuit. If this happens repeatedly with the same appliance, you will know it’s not your electrical system, it’s the appliance.

When this happens, you can reset your breaker, but you should stop using the appliance. You don’t want to have to continuously reset your breaker.

4. Many Electrical Surges

If your power is continuously turning off or fading and then switching back on repeatedly, this is a surge. These can be expected during lightning storms, but shouldn’t happen frequently and can be dangerous.

White Electric explains that if you plug in your vacuum your blow dryer and your lights start to flicker, this is a sign you should call them immediately. You don’t want to put yourself or your family in danger and we are professionals here to help.

5. Outlets or Light Switches are Warm

Outlets or light switches that feel warm are very dangerous. This can be a sign of a very serious household lighting issue that can lead to a fire.

You should turn off the breaker and not use that light switch. Then, you should call White Electric so they can come to assess the issue.

Watch Out for Electrical Issues

Now that you know the five common electrical issues that you may face in your home, you can assess the situation to see if you can fix it yourself or if you need to call someone.

Faulty light switches, loose outlets, and a short circuit are all things you can fix yourself. Multiple electrical surges and a warm outlet or light switch can be very dangerous.

Double check your circuit breaker location or contact White Electric will all your electrical questions today.