The decision to rewire a house is one that should not be taken lightly, given the scale of the task ahead. Rewiring a house is an all-encompassing process that can only be done safely in the hands of qualified, experienced professionals. But why is it important to rewire a house?

The main reason is safety. According to the US Fire Administration, the majority of electrical fires in American homes are caused by faulty wiring. In addition, rewiring a house will ensure all of your electrics are in working order, while rewiring could also increase the resale value of your home.

That’s why the cost to rewire a house is always outweighed by the benefits. If you are thinking that it might be time to rewire your home, here are the telltale signs that it definitely is. 

1. Your Wiring is Old

The number one red flag when it comes to wiring is old age. You might have moved into an old home where the wiring has no been replaced in decades. If your wiring is more than 40 years old, you are putting yourself and your loved ones at significant risk, as wiring this old is much more likely to blow.

If you have an old home and do not know the last time it was rewired, arrange for an electrician to inspect the wiring as soon as possible. 

2. Frequently Overblown Fuses

Fuses blow when they cannot handle the surge of electricity passing through them. If you are dealing with blown fuses on a regular basis, you almost definitely need to arrange a rewiring. This is likely happening because all of your modern appliances are simply too much for your old and decrepit fusebox to handle.

If you are wondering how long does it take to rewire a house in this situation, rest assured that your home could have fully up-to-date wiring in just one or two days. 

3. Flickering Lights Throughout the House

If there is only one lightbulb flickering in your house, then you probably just need to change the bulb. However, if there are multiple flickering lightbulbs in different rooms, the most likely issue is the wiring.

The lightbulbs might be flickering because the wiring is either supplying them with too much or too little voltage. Even if the issue is confined to one room, rewiring a house room is still an option worth exploring here. 

4. Charred Outlets and Burning Smells 

If you are wondering how to rewire a house because you are smelling burning or have noticed singed outlets, stop what you are doing and call an electrician. If either of these is occurring, it is possible that your wiring is causing small electrical fires in your home.

Call an electrician immediately and do not attempt to fix any of the wirings on your own. 

5. Extension Cords Are Your Life 

Finally, a lesser-known telltale sign that it is time for rewiring is if you are constantly needed to use extensions for all of your electronics and appliances.

Older homes were not designed for as many electronics as we have today. If you find that your home does not have nearly enough plug sockets, it is probably the case that your wiring is out of date too. 

We Can Rewire a House for You 

Rewiring a house needn’t be a complicated, scary, or expensive process. By arranging for a qualified professional to rewire a house for you, you can take the stress out of your hands completely. At White Electric, we are committed to providing the electrical services you need in a timely fashion and for a reasonable price. If you need your house rewired, do not hesitate to give us a call today.