According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there are approximately 1000 deaths a year due to electrical injuries and 20 percent of all electrical injuries occur in children.

Everyone is one bad electrical DIY away from joining those statistics, but why try when you have professionals eager to fulfill all your electrical rewiring needs?

As if looking at those horrible statistics aren’t enough, let’s dive into the many ways why using electricians over DIY is the real money-saving hack. 

DIY Electrical Rewiring, Is It Worth It?

Although the topic of safety is touched on above, it’s important enough to emphasize again. No DIY is worth the safety of a person or a property. 

Electrical wiring can be dangerous, especially if not done correctly. Poorly done electrical work can lead to house fires, burning down homes, or even hurting loved ones. A home isn’t only a place where to live, its where family builds their lives together, so avoid unnecessary disasters and use professional services. 

Also, when you hire an electrician, they don’t just complete the task at hand, they check over other aspects as well, to ensure there are no other unknown issues. Issues that an amateur wouldn’t have noticed, leading to longer-term electrical stability. 

The Expensive Side 

While DIY can seem like a ‘money-saving’ hack, more than not it ends up costing a lot more!

Often DIY can go wrong, whether the job proved more difficult than realized or accidents happened. Either way, more damage occurs and then professionals end up getting paid for two jobs instead of one. 

Speaking of accidents, DIY accidents are not covered by insurance. Meaning if anything happens causing severe damage to the property, or hired labor, the homeowner conducting the project will end up paying out of pocket. Yet, if a professional or company causes the damage, the liability falls on them. So do yourself a favor and let us install wiring and take the blame. 

The Legal Side 

Sometimes it’s not even a matter of preference, some electrical projects are straight illegal to complete without a:

  • License 
  • Permit
  • Professional

For a homeowner to perform electrical rewiring in their residence they must obtain a homestead permit in the state of Texas. Especially if payment is given or received, the worker must have a valid electrician’s license. This ensures the correct procedures are used and followed. Homeowners may even be obligated to stay at your residence for another year after completing self-employed electrical work.

Without professional experience, a faulty electrical wiring job could also lead to a failed inspection, leading to more legal grievances and more money loss due to the increased amount of issues. 

The same rules apply to a residential electrician. On top of valid licensing, they will be required to produce proper permitting for any electrical wiring work. With White Electric, you can be sure all our electricians are certified and highly-trained, so there’s no question of legality. 

Leave It To The Professionals

Hiring professionals saves you from cost, liability, and uncertainty. It’s understandable to want to put your touch on your home, to truly make it your own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some help. 

Check our services out and let us know what we can help you with!