Electricity is nothing to mess with. Each year, electricity-related injuries are the cause of approximately 1,000 deaths.

Many of these injuries are preventable, often caused by a homeowner’s desire to save a few dollars and fix an electric problem themselves.

Don’t risk it — know when to find an electrician.

Here are seven common signs that it’s time to leave your repair up to the experts.

1. Lights Flicker When You Use Appliances

Dim or flickering lights can seem like little more than an inconvenience, especially if lighting returns to normal after a few seconds.

But flickering lights are often a symptom of an overloaded circuit or deteriorating wiring.

While it isn’t a major hazard now, waiting until it’s too late can result in losing your home’s power or something worse.

2. You Notice Singed Wires in Your Fusebox

It’s a good idea to check your fuse box every few months ago, even if everything seems to be working fine. A regular check-up will allow you to spot any singed or damaged wires that may need replacing.

Not only will these wires affect your home’s electricity, but they’re a major fire hazard.

3. A Burning Smell Fills The Air

Few things are more alarming than a mysterious, smoky scent. If you’re unlucky enough to experience such a smell and can trace it back to your fusebox or electrical outlet, you’ll need to do two things.

First, turn off your home’s power as soon as possible. Once you’re safe, call an electrician as soon as possible.

These smells are often the result of an electrical fire. So even if you don’t see smoke, play it safe and seek out a home electrical repair service.

4. Your Wall Outlets Are Warm to The Touch

Smoky smells aren’t the only signs of electrical fires to be cautious of.

Periodically check your home’s electrical outlets with the back of your hand. If you notice that some feel warm to the touch, you’re likely experiencing some faulty wiring.

5. You Hear a Buzzing Sound in The Walls

It’s tough to diagnose the cause of electrical buzzing on your own, as it could be caused by a number of things.

There’s a chance that the sound is the result of something as simple as loose screw terminals. However, it could be a wiring issue, as well.

It’s best to leave the diagnosis up to a pro, so call a licensed electrician if you hear buzzing near outlets or switches.

6. Your Circuit Breaker Trips Often

No one wants to be without power, but faulty circuits are quite common. If you’re constantly in the dark, there’s a good chance that your fuse box needs work.

These repairs require a great deal of professional training, so it’s best to shut off power and wait for assistance.

7. You’re Moving Into a New Home

Purchasing a new home is an exciting undertaking. But before you sign any paperwork, you’ll want to have a trusted electrician come out and scan the property.

An electrical professional can give you the scoop on faulty wiring, electrical hazards and more.

Stay Safe: Call an Electrician If You Notice Any of These Signs

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call an electrician today. Most of these problems are fire hazards, so don’t wait.

White Electric would be happy to fix your home’s electrical problems. Reach out today and see how our work is quality you can trust.