Your electrical panel is one of the most important aspects of your home.

It’s what allows you to get light at the flip of a switch or have a nice air-conditioned house. It also protects you and your home from electrical fires. 

For maximum safety, it’s important that your home’s wiring and panel are kept up to date. 

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to replace your panel or not, here are 5 signs that it’s time to call your electrician. 

Old and Faulty Wiring

If you’ve noticed flickering lights around your house, it could be much more serious than you may think.

Flickering along with feeling a small shock or tingling sensation when you touch your appliances are important signs of old wiring.

Burning smells and discolored outlets are also telling of old wiring. If you have experienced any of these signs, immediate action is suggested to avoid a fire or a serious electrical shock

You Still Have Fuses and a Fuse Panel

Fuses and fuse panels were used in homes before the 1960s. They were used before homes had such high electrical demands from both small electronics and large appliances.

If your home still uses fuses, it would be wise to get them replaced with a breaker panel instead. 

Breaker panels are made to detect overloading on electrical circuits, and can easily be reset when they trip. Fuses, on the other hand, burn out and have to be completely replaced.

They are also seen as a hazard by some home insurance companies, and you may not be eligible for some insurance policies if you still have an old fuse box.  

You are Remodeling

If you are planning a large remodel, it would be smart to call your electrician to come and look at your panel.

If you are planning to add new and larger appliances, have your electrician make sure that your breaker panel can handle it. 

This can be an easy thing to overlook while also having serious repercussions if you do. Make sure to take the proper steps to ensure you won’t be overloading your panel. 

You Use a Lot of Power Strips and Extension Cords

Older houses often come with very few electrical outlets. This can mean you instead have to use power strips and extension cords. 

This can actually be hazardous because you put yourself at risk of overloading your panel. 

Replacing your electrical panel is a great excuse to add those extra outlets you have been needing while also avoiding fires. 

Your Electrical Panel is Having Issues

If your breakers frequently trip and won’t stay reset, this could actually be an issue with your entire panel. 

You may even notice a crackling sound from your panel. These are both signs that it may be time to replace your panel. 

Stay Safe

If you have an old fuse box or have noticed weird things happening with your electrical panel or wiring, don’t ignore it any longer!

Take the proper precautions to protect both you and your family. 

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