It cools your home in the summer. It lights your way at night. And it allows you to have ice at your fingertips during a hot, summer day.

It’s electricity, of course! And without it, we’d be living much warmer and darker lives. 

We use a lot more electricity in the summer. And this usage puts more strain on our electrical systems. That’s why it’s important to consider electrical maintenance as part of your summer home maintenance routine. 

Check out our top electrical maintenance tips to keep your house safe and cool this summer. 

Get Schooled on Your Pool

We’ve all heard that electricity and water don’t mix. But your pool has some electrical systems that are critical to keeping the water safe. That’s why it’s super important to get your pool checked by an electrician every summer. 

Your electrician will inspect all the electrical components of the pool to make sure they’re hooked up properly. And to make sure they’re all watertight. This should be done on an annual basis. 

If you’re putting in a new pool, make sure that your electrician stays in the construction loop. All exposed wires and boxes need to be at least five feet away from the water. And all electrical components should be properly rated for pool use. 

When you’re hanging out around the pool, use battery-operated devices instead of corded ones. Radios, for example, should either be five feet clear of the water, or battery-powered. And keep your cell phone chargers away from the water too. 

All Eyes on the Trees

We tend to spend more time outside during the summer. It’s also a good idea to have an electrician inspect all outdoor power lines around your home on an annual basis.

The most common cause of downed power lines is tree branches falling on them.  An electrician can point out which trees need to be trimmed. And when you hire a company to trim your trees, make sure to turn off your electrical panel first.

It’s also a good idea to keep kids out of trees that are close to power lines. When kids climb on trees, the added weight can make the branches sag. And a tree that’s normally clear of a line might come in contact with it if enough weight is put on the branches. 

Don’t Put Your Thermostat on Blast

Have your electrician check out your AC and thermostat. They can make recommendations for optimal temperature settings. They’ll also make sure everything is hooked up properly. And they’ll check to make sure all the fans are running at peak condition.

Ask your electrician to explain how the thermostat works. This may sound simple, but many people don’t understand that their thermostat has different settings. And many newer ones have programmable timers and wi-fi capabilities. 

You can use these timers to turn the thermostat up and down depending on when you’ll be in your home the most. And you can use the wi-fi capabilities to turn your AC off or on with your smartphone. These are all great ways to save money.

Our Top Electrical Maintenance Tips

Summertime means warmer weather, more time spent outdoors, and more electricity used in your home. Implement electrical maintenance into your regular home maintenance schedule. You’ll keep your family safer and your electric bill down with these tips. 

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