Did you know that from 2012 to 2016, eight in 10 home fires in the US involved electrical malfunctions?

These fires caused a yearly $1.3 billion in property damage within that period. Each year, they resulted in 440 fatalities and another 1,250 injuries.

The thing is, many of these electrical failures are preventable. If only homeowners replaced their outdated electrical components.

Yes, you can prevent a house fire by getting an electrical panel upgrade.

Ready to learn all about the signs telling you that you need an electrical upgrade? Then keep reading, as that’s exactly what we’ll share with you in this post!

The Electrical Panel Is as Old as Your 40-Year-Old House

In the US, more than half of all occupied homes are almost 40 years old. A third of these were even built prior to 1970, which means they’re almost half a century old!

If you live in one of these houses, it’s best you find out the date of your electrical panel’s installation. If none of the previous owners had it replaced, then it’s time that you do. Especially if it’s one made by Federal Pacific Electric (FPE).

Between 1960 and 1985, there were millions of FPE electrical panels installed in US homes. However, more than half of them were defective, failing to shut off when overloaded. Experts estimate that these FPE electrical panels alone may have caused up to 2,800 fires.

Your Circuit Breaker Often Trips

A circuit breaker should “trip” when it overloads—this is a safety feature that prevents hazards. But if your circuit breaker always trips, that’s a solid sign you need an electrical service upgrade. It means that the electrical panel can no longer handle your electricity requirements.

This means you now have too many appliances that your breaker can handle. This forces the breaker to supply more electricity than its capacity. This can overheat its circuit, which can then fry up the circuits of all appliances connected to it.

Lights Keep Flickering or Usually Turns on and off

Do your house lights flicker when you power on your air conditioner? Perhaps they go on and off whenever you run any high-wattage appliance. Either way, this can mean that your electrical panel is already going beyond its capacity.

This situation often precedes a constantly tripping circuit breaker. Upgrade the electrical panel now before it damages your appliances’ internal components.

The Electrical Panel Gets Warm or Emits a Burning Smell

The heat or burning smell can indicate severe overloading. These signs can also mean a failed circuit breaker or a disconnected wire. All these issues can trigger a house fire.

Turn off the electrical panel as soon as you notice these signs. Then, have expert electrical service providers repair or replace your electrical panel.

You Plan to Get New Appliances

Homes built between 1950 and 1965 had 60-amp circuit breakers installed in them. It was also in the 60s when the 100-amp panels came into existence. Today, the minimum allowed in US homes is the 100-amp service panel.

However, a 100-amp panel may no longer be enough if you add more appliances. That’s why the 200-amp panel has become the standard in new homes. If you’re getting more appliances, it’s best you first upgrade to this breaker capacity.

Prevent Inconveniences and House Fires with an Electrical Panel Upgrade

An electrical panel upgrade is more than just for your convenience—it’s for your own safety. A failed panel can create a small flame, and it could take as little as 30 seconds for that flame to turn into a huge fire. Don’t take that risk, and have your old electrical panel replaced with a new one ASAP.

Ready to make your home safer against electrical fires? Then please don’t hesitate to connect with us now! We can get your old and faulty electrical panel or wirings upgraded right away.