As a homeowner, you’ll find yourself learning a little about a bunch of different trades. From plumbing to lawn care, there are a lot of things you’ll need to work on around your house. But arguably the most dangerous of these is your electrical system. 

Improper electrical repairs lead to far too many deaths every year, whether from fire or electric shock. Make sure you aren’t one of that number this year. Read on to learn about some electrical safety tips that can keep both you and your house in prime condition.

Use Extension Cords Properly

Extension cords are one of the biggest causes of home fires each year. They’re incredibly convenient, so many times, people forget how dangerous they can be. Make sure you’re practicing proper safety measures with your extension cords.

Never run your extension cord across or under a rug; they can overload and catch fire. In the same vein, you should never use extension cords as a permanent solution. They are meant to be temporary and come with their own limits; respect these and add another plug if needed.

Don’t Overload Your System

On the subject of respecting electrical system limits, the same applies to your whole house wiring. You shouldn’t be overloading your house’s electrical system on a regular basis. If you are, you need to talk to an electrician about rewiring your system to meet your demand.

Your house should have a circuit breaker box as a safety measure in case you do overload a circuit. This is a good precaution, but you shouldn’t be flipping circuit breakers on the regular. Try to rearrange high-demand appliances so they’re on different circuits, or look into redoing your wiring.

Be Careful with DIY Projects 

It’s tempting to attempt electrical repairs on your house on your own. After all, how hard could adding another outlet or changing a light fixture be? The Electrical Safety Foundation International recommends calling a licensed electrician for all electrical work, but if you plan to DIY, make sure you’re careful.

Learn as much as you can about your home system and the piece of it you’ll be working on so you can work safely. Make sure to turn off power and unplug any appliances before you start. And if you feel like you’re getting out of your depth, never be afraid to call a professional.

Find More Electrical Safety Tips

Working with electricity is not something to take lightly. A bad electrical job can leave you injured or your house in flames. Take time to slow down, learn about what you’re doing, and make sure everything is done the right way.

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