Even though the electrical panel is an essential part of your home, it’s not something many homeowners think about. Until it starts giving them issues, that is. 

The electrical panel is the one responsible for keeping your HVAC system running or getting your water hot. If it doesn’t work, a lot of electrical systems in your home can go haywire. 

Here are some signs that indicate an electrical panel upgrade is due.

1. Odd Sounds or a Burning Smell

Do you hear a popping or crackling sound from your electrical panel? A light buzzing or humming sound is expected from the panel, but any other odd sound should be cause for alarm. 

Also, if you notice a burning smell emanating from the electrical panel, then that’s not a good sign either. There could be some damage or issue within the electrical panel which isn’t visible to you.

These sounds and smells mean that the electrical panel needs to be serviced by a professional electrician as soon as possible. 

2. Melted Wires or Scorch Marks

When you notice burning smells from your electrical panel, sometimes you can see the damage directly by opening up the breaker box. The heat from damaged electrical wiring or some other faulty mechanisms can result in scorch marks, melted wires, and even melted plastic inside your electrical panel. 

Again, all these are signs that an electrician needs to be summoned asap. The electrician might come in and say that your entire electrical panel needs replacement and that’s something you can’t do on your own accurately.

3. Breakers Tripping Repeatedly

If you are finding that your breaker is tripping repeatedly, then that’s another sign that your electrical panel needs surveilling by an expert. It could be because of a faulty breaker, faulty wiring, or some other issue with your electrical panel. 

There’s no way to tell what the cause of these problems is just by looking at them. An electrician needs to do a detailed survey and analysis of your home’s electrical system before they can make a judgment on what’s wrong with it and how to fix it. 

As with any other electrical issue, it’s always better to call in an expert, than try DIY. You don’t want to tamper with these electrical systems on your own, because you could do major harm to them and even cause fires or other property damage in the future. 

Electrical Panel Upgrade – Ready To Have Yours Looked At?

If you notice some of the above signs in your home’s electrical panel or something else that just doesn’t seem right, phone an electrician as soon as you can. This is also necessary when your home’s electrical system is older than 20 years and might need a major rehaul. 

Contact White Electric today if you are searching for a quote on an electrical panel upgrade or if you wish for help with other electrical installations.