While you probably don’t want your electric bill to go up, are you doing anything to help it go down? Getting a better bang for your buck isn’t as hard as you think, and we’ve got a list of tricks that can help you cut electric costs at home. If you want to learn how to lower your electricity bill, keep reading for 12 easy tips you can use today!

1. Make Sure Seals Are Tight

If you want to lower your electric bill, start by checking that no heat or air is escaping your home. Ensure that windows and seals are tight, and fix any spaces that seem to be leaking.

It’s also a good idea to have the insulation of your home inspected and updated to ensure that as little energy as possible is escaping.

2. Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re looking to remodel or update your home, be sure to opt for energy-efficient appliances when you can.

Ask your service provider for more information about efficient options, and look for the Energy Star certification on appliances.

3. Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Stocked

The more food in your fridge, the better insulated it is! Keeping as much stored as possible will actually help your fridge and freezer do their jobs.

4. Clean Your Lint Dryer Trap

Not only is a lint build-up a fire hazard, but it makes your dryer less efficient. Clean your lint out after each load to ensure maximum safety and savings.

5. Install Dimmer Switches

You might not need as much light as you think. Dimmer switches allow you to opt for lower lighting and therefore spend less money.

6. Wash Clothes With Cold Water

Washing your clothes in cold water is just as effective, and saves you money! Many washers use hot water automatically, so be sure to opt for cold when you start a new cycle.

7. Air Dry Clothes

It may seem old-fashioned, but it works! If you can, hanging some or all of your laundry to dry on clotheslines will quickly bring down your electric bill.

8. Purchase Motion Sensor Lighting

Why keep your porch light on all night if you don’t have to?

Installing a motion sensor light will allow you to see when a person or critter is outside without paying for illumination all night.

9. Keep Your Second Fridge in the Basement

Because the temperature of your basement is more stable than in the garage, it’s easier for your fridge to operate. Move your fridge into the basement for a lower cooling cost.

10. Unplug Unused Electronics

As you probably know, electronics use energy even when off if they’re still plugged in. If you’re done with the toaster or fan, unplug it to save yourself a few dollars.

11. Install New Light Bulbs

LED bulbs use almost half the wattage of CFL bulbs and provide over 25,000 hours of light. For many, switching to LED bulbs is an easy way to cut costs.

12. Only Wash Full Loads

This goes for both your dishwasher and your washing machine. The more loads you run, the more you spend.

Get the most out of your appliances by filling them as much as possible!

Learn How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Lowering your electric bill and conserving energy doesn’t have to be hard! With a few simple changes and mindful acts, you can save yourself some money each month.

Learning how to lower your electricity bills is one of the best things you can do for the planet and your bottom line.

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